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Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury Outboard Motors For Sale UK Wide

Welcome to BBMS Swanwick, the Mercury Independent specialists where you will find a wide variety of Mercury outboard engines for sale, ranging in different sizes and with options for all sizes of boats. If you are looking for outboard motors for sale, UK boat enthusiasts can get some of the best deals available on Mercury engines for sale at BBMS Swanwick. Our highly skilled team of marine engineers are on hand to give you advice and help you to choose the best option for your vessel. If you are looking for the best price on Mercury marine outboard engines for sale, look no further than BBMS Swanwick and call us today on Tel: 01489 580250 and one of our expert marine engineers will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

A Wide Variety Of Mercury Engines Available

When it comes to purchasing a Mercury outboard motor, you are spoilt for choice at BBMS Swanwick where you will find a wide variety of different engines suitable for a variety of various vessels. You can choose from a large variety of 4 stroke outboard engines, ranging from 4 hp to 400 hp depending on the power that you require. We have a selection of both Optimax and Verado engines available from which you can choose, and as well as supplying a variety of brand-new Mercury marine motors for sale, we also can offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories, including oils and service items from our extensive parts catalogue. Whatever your requirements are you can buy in confidence when you choose Mercury boat engines for sale from BBMS Swanwick.

Full range not shown below, please call us to find out more about the specific Mercury boat motors that we currently stock:

Mercury Outboard Motors

2.5 - 60hp

FourStroke30 - 60hp

Mercury FourStroke 30 - 60hp

Most popular outboard on the market.

There are plenty of reasons why these outboard motors rule the water. They boast no-worry reliability, improved acceleration, increased fuel economy, and outstanding overall performance. They feature enhanced fuel injection (EFI models) for improved fuel efficiency. They feature a robust electric start system, making them easy to start.

Sea Pro15 - 60hp

Mercury SeaPro 15 - 60hp

Engineered for Commercial Duty.

Every season, these dependable, easy-to-maintain SeaPro commercial motors provide reliable starts, improved fuel efficiency, and protection against fuel contamination. Calibrated to reach maximum torque at lower revs, they deliver more power with less wear and tear.

Jet25 - 40hp

Mercury Jet 25 - 40hp

Get to the Fish, Fast.

Mercury® Jet Outboards are designed with with sufficient power and weight to cover any shallow-water boat application.  Our FourStroke jet outboards are electronic fuel injected and range in power from 25 to 40 horsepower.

FourStroke2.5 - 25hp

Mercury FourStroke 2.5 - 25hp

Output far beyond its size.

With these compact and powerful outboard motors you can go where ever you want, whenever you want  -quickly and reliably.  Enjoy the best acceleration to match the best speed.  Easy to install and operate, with reliable starting.

Mercury Outboard Motors

65 - 150hp

Pro XS115 - 150hp

Mercury Pro XS 115 - 150hp

Built for speed.

Mercury Pro XS engines will help you feed your need for speed. Designed for use in fresh or salt water, these high-performance engines deliver superior power, acceleration, durability, and fuel efficiency.

FourStroke80 - 150hp

Mercury FourStroke 80 - 150hp

Consistently sets the bar for all standards.

Outboard motors from Mercury are powerful, efficient, and offer a wide range of applications.  Crafted for light weight and high displacement, they offer ample torque and obtain immediate power.

Sea Pro75 - 150hp

Mercury Sea Pro 75 - 150hp

A commercial-grade engine.

SeaPro™mid-range outboardsprovideexceptionalperformance,auniquely compactdesign,uncompromisingreliabilityandincrediblyfuelefficiency. Tomaximizedurability,theupper mounts are twice as stiff as recreational models.

Jet65 - 80hp

Mercury Jet 65 - 80hp

Fly over shallow-water obstacles.

Made for speed in shallow water.

Mercury Outboard Motors

175 - 400hp

Verado250 - 400hp

Mercury Verado 255 - 400hp

Unrivalled No Comparison.

Verado engines are the pinnacle of Mercury's outboard design and performance. They are engineered with advanced engineering and offer refined operation for boaters who refuse to compromise.

Sea Pro200 - 300hp

Mercury Sea Pro 200 - 300hp

3.4L V6 and 4.6L V8

With commercial calibration and duty cycles, you'll get more power and fewer engine stresses.  Reliable corrosion resistance is acheived by superior aluminium alloys and coatings, plus four serviceable anodes, including one in the block.

Pro XS175 - 300hp

Mercury Pro XS 175 - 300hp

A New Era in Performance

Mercury Pro XS® outboards are designed for those boaters who demand ultimate performance, from anglers competing in highly competitive tournament trails to powerboaters who just crave speed and acceleration. Exclusive components and tuning extract every ounce of performance from each Pro XS model so you can take it to the limit.

FourStroke175 - 300hp

Mercury FourStroke 175 - 300hp

No Sacrifices, No Compromises

You can have it all: dependability, flexibility, power, and efficiency.  Mercury V8 and V6 FourStroke outboards combine renowned performance and cutting-edge technology, backed by decades of marine power innovation and product leadership.
FourStroke outboards are designed for use in a range of boats and on any body of water.

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